Is Quicksight dataset able to load shared tables data?

Hi Team,

I have some tables that are shared by another AWS account. I can access their data through Athena. However, these tables are invisible while creating a dataset from Quicksight. Is Quicksight dataset able to load shared table data?

Tables are visible on Lake Formation and Athena console.


if your Athena setup in same account no issue.
You need VPC to access these table, required your AWS tech source to make accessible for you.

Naveed Ali

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Hi @Naveed,

Thanks for your reply. What is AWS tech source? Could I know more details about it? And how to setup the VPC to access shared tables? Thank you!


Virtual private cloud (VPC). AWS technical source who will setup the VPC.

Naveed ali

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@Naveed , I have permission to setup VPC. Could you advise on the steps?

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Also good to double check that you have granted QuickSight permissions to access Athena and S3 buckets from Manage QuickSight > Security & Permissions > Manage

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Above configurations are setup well on my account. The resource tables are appeared after granting them IAMAllowedPrincipals role and Describe permission. But the preview data is not working. It says “[Simba]AthenaJDBC An error has been thrown from the AWS Athena client. HIVE_METASTORE_ERROR: Table is missing storage descriptor [Execution ID: 70776036-9788-402d-beca-fde80eb9ac7b]”

I suspect this has got to do with Lake Formation permissions for the QuickSight role… but before trying to figure that out can you see if it works if you remove Lake Formation from the equation Deregistering an Amazon S3 location - AWS Lake Formation
Then confirm that you can access the data from Athena and also from QuickSight.

Hi @darcoli,

Removing the data lake location will return the below error on Athena. Still get the same error on Quicksight dataset.

Permission denied on S3 path: s3://clean-1234567890-us-east-1/data-products/label/label

This query ran against the “data-products” database, unless qualified by the query. Please post the error message on our forum or contact customer support with Query Id: 1d7c2736-513c-4959-acaa-178425391b3b

this should explain the permissions you need to grant for requests to cross account buckets to work in QuickSight / Lake Formation setup Use Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight in a cross-account environment | AWS Big Data Blog

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