Is Quicksight down?

Hello everyone!
Is everyone able to connect to Quicksight normally? I’m in France and since yesterday afternoon, I can’t log into Quicksight because it just doesn’t load any page. It’s not a connection problem because everything else works fine and my colleagues are having the same problem.

A quick google search took me to this link ( and it seems there is no problem with the servers, but I still can’t access it. Can everyone still access it?

@igcosta ,

Yes able to access.

Kind regards,

I solved the problem, thank you.
Whenever I tried to connect to, the page was not responding.

But after your response and seeing that you connected to i tried it. The page loaded but I didn’t have any of my datasets, analyses or dashboards available.

Then I tried to delete every cookie and history related to Quicksight and AWS on my browser and tried to load the page again and it worked.

Thank you.

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