Is there a backup strategy for QuickSight?

When if we really mess up something using the API and want to get back to a specific state at a point in time. Is that possible?


Hi, are you referring to the entire account backup - including all dashbaords, datasets, users, group; or are you referring to back up a particular asset like ‘datasets’? For example, we have versioning feature in dataset, using which you can perform rollback in UI to a previous version.

@DRK for dataset, we have versioning: Reverting datasets back to previous published versions - Amazon QuickSight
You can always go back to previous published version.

For analysis: if you accidentally delete it, you can restore it with this API: QuickSight — Boto3 Docs 1.21.33 documentation
I would suggest always publish a dashboard as the “backup” of an analysis. So, you can “save as” a dashboard to be an analysis.

For dashboard, you can always re-publish from the analysis. The only thing is how to re-store the access permissions you set up on the old dashboard. I published a solution with SSM parameter and Lambda functions to apply and store the access permissions: Build a centralized granular access control to manage assets and data access in Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog

In future, we will release assets as bundle which can natively support the backup/restore use case. Thanks.

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