Is there a calculated field for CAST or CONVERT?

Is there a calculated field for CAST or CONVERT? Right now I have to do this through my ETL job, but it would be easier in the future to be able to do that here. Essentially, I need to cast a date into CHAR. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Is there any specific format that you want to CAST to?
You can also do it at the Edit Data step by changing the data type: Changing a Field Data Type - Amazon QuickSight

Alternatively, you can also create a calculated field to convert it ie parseDate - Amazon QuickSight

Thanks for responding!

Im looking to convert to text, so I can use in a word cloud. As of right now, I just do this in my ETL, but that may not always be possible or easy. Thanks!

You should be able to do it with a combination of extract, tostring and concat function in QuickSight calculated field, for example:


Thanks for including the formula - that really helps clarify the solution.