Is there a gallery where users can share their Quicksight dashboards

As stated above, is there something like the Tableau public gallery or PBI Data stories where user-generated content is shared? Would like to share this dashboard plus get inspiration / learn from others

Hi @Damjan_Vlastelica,

The only such site that I know is DemoCentral at

Your link doesn’t work. To share your dashboard with users who are not in your QuickSight account, you’ll have to enable public access:

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do not seem to have that option as i am on the free tier? is it about moving to a folder?
Are the reports in the link that you provided community uploaded (a lot seem top have branding) and quality ios pretty poor

No, it’s not about moving to a folder. If you go to Manage Subscriptions > Your Subscriptions, you’ll see two options: Per reader pricing and Capacity pricing. You need Capacity pricing if you want to share dashboards publicly.

DemoCentral is created and maintained by the QuickSight team. The dashboards there are meant to showcase specific QuickSight features and techniques you can use to solve certain problems in QuickSight. The branding that you see there is mostly for fictional companies.

One cool thing about the site is that when you’re viewing a dashboard, you can click on the Analysis icon on the left to see how it was created.

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