Is There a Username() Calculation Available?

In Tableau you can return the username of the person logging into the dashboard. Its often times used for RLS, but my use case is for Q. I’d like to have a calculation like username() so people can prompt Q with things like, “How many activities have I completed?” or “How many of my reports have completed activities?”

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Hi @Marky
In QuickSight, this is applied implicitly. The Row Level Security is applied at dataset level rather than at dashboard/ Analysis level and so is applied in all the dashboards that the dataset is used.

Row Level Security can be applied at user level or group level


Hi @n_vetri

This is not for row level security. I just want to create a calc where it returns the username/alias/login of the viewer.

Hi @Marky
We do not have such function today.

If I understand it right, the dataset has all users including the logged in user data with no RLS. If required, users should be able to see what is their kpi or measure? Is that right?


Hello @Marky !

Are you able to provide more details on you use case? Like @n_vetri mentioned this is not currently a function of Quicksight but if you use RLS to reduce data visible to a user to only their own data you would potentially be able to make this work.

Its been a few days since we have heard from you but would still like to help you find a solution. If we do not hear from you in 3 days this topic will be archived.