Is there a way for the Sankey nodes to display metric totals and not just the volumes between the nodes?

Hi team,

I would like to see the node totals displayed within the sankey chart on hover-over but currently this seems only possible on the links between the nodes. I have looked at the documentation and on the platform but I cannot see a way to do this.

I would like to see the total number as shown in the pivot table below the chart (the sum of all the branches off of the node) and not just the label repeated:

Is this possible currently?



Currently the only option to view the metric is using Tooltip and not displayed as label.

At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. I have tagged this as a feature request

Thanks @Ashok, it would be great for this feature to be implemented since the sankey chart is currently unusable for my business purpose without this.