Is there a way to adjust the filter so that a chart shows values based on only the second highest value in another field?

I am unable to make the chart show values based on the second highest value in another field.

I tried manipulating the top and bottom filters but the final result is not correct. Can someone help me out on this one?

For Example: If I had to filter for subject and then show the pie chart for the subject with the second highest classes attended, how would I go about doing it in Quicksight?

My final data has a lot more rows. I don’t want the end user to select the second highest field, the chart should be dynamic.

Can you do a rank and only filter for 2?


Thanks @Max
One more issue. What can I do about duplicate ranks? So I have two values which are same and the ranks are same for it.

How do you want to sort it if there are two of the same?

You can add more sorts in the rank field