Is there a way to describe the folder structure so that it returns the folders and the sub/child folders in one api call?

I have a static folder structure(json) that can change sometimes. I need to compare these folder structure with what is being deployed previously so I can remove/add folders accordingly. Currently, I have to recursively check the folder one-by-one and search that folder via api call if exists.

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Hi @alltej

Can you provide additional context around how the folder structure should be returned? Are you looking to provide a parent folder name to the API call and retrieve all sub folder(s) list? or Are you looking for an API to list all the folders as nested JSON?


I am looking to do something very similar.

When building out a web UI you typically will display the Parent folders and upon clicking the folder it will fetch its immediate children. Currently the list-folders and describe-folder don’t allow us to do this easily. Describing the Parent gives us an empty folderPath so it’s not useful. Currently to achieve this we need to describe all folders in order to figure out which child is the last and recurse the tree UP in order to find the parent. This results in a lot of API calls to QuickSight which are expensive.

I would like to see the describe-folder return a list of children. This gives us the flexibility of going up or down the tree.

hi @alltej and @ccaspanello

Thank your for sharing with us the challenge encountered. As per raj’s request - please provide context as to your ideal output to support your use case so we can work with our product team and help prioritize. I agree - this is a challenge and could be easier. Note though it can used today but like point out by @ccaspanello it requires additional api calls and logic.

Ramon Lopez

Hi @Ramon_Lopez

I have a json file that mimics the folder structure. It is used in our deployment pipeline to validate folders that are deployed in the customers site. Based off that, folders will be created if they don’t exist. Currently the api I think only returns only one sub-folder below(and not whole nested folder structure) so I need to iterate in each folder to inspect what subfolders needs to be created if they don’t exists.

Hi @alltej and @ccaspanello

Just as noted by @ccaspanello there is currently no way to do this with one or two API calls.
At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. I have noted this in our internal feature request tracker. If you can provide us with your account/company names and AWS accounts to my email address,, then we can add them to the PFR. This will ensure you will be the first to try out the new features when they are ready for beta preview.