Is there a way to make the axis labels in visuals copyable?

Hi All,
Is there a way to make the axis labels in visuals copyable? Our dashboard users are asking for a way to copy axis labels.


At the moment there are no plans to allow copying axis labels however we have discussed some work that might be targeting similar use cases. Can you explain why users expect to copy values from axis labels as opposed to other places (such as point on the chart)? Do you expect them to ask QuickSight to support “Copy” action in more places (like data labels or legend items in the charts)?

I know it’s not what the original post asks for but just pointing out that if a visual is selected and you press ctrl-c (windows) or cmd-c (on mac) all the visual’s text (including axes labels) is copied to the clip board… you just need to delete the unnecessary text :slight_smile:

Thank you @Tatyana_Yakushev for looking into this. We have a horizontal bar chart showing the DB query latencies and the axis labels show the query ID (hash key values). The DB admins are saying it is hard to type a length strength into their query tools for investigationn instead are asking if we can allow the to copy/paste.

Hi @darcoli - The copy doesn’t seem to be working with horizontal bar charts…

Some QuickSight customers export data to CSV(Excel) to achieve this today. From Excel, you can copy to clipboard anything you want.

Thanks Tatyana. That is the workaround we telling our users. It would be super user-friendly if the axis labels are made copyable.

Maybe also you can make a table of query ID’s ordered by the DB query latency descending? Or even an insight with text narrative giving the top query ID’s…