Is there a way to setup an email notification if a condition is met in QuickSight?

I have many flags created for my work. Will have to keep these flags confidential, but i have created a visual which displays any cases where there is a flag in the back-end data, however it has not been created in quicksight and added to a list of flagreasons. Is there a way for me to get notifications or emails when this table now displays data?

As of right now it shows the following:

But i want notifications or emails once the table has data being displayed so i can add calculated fields for flags instantly.

Is this possible?

Hi @HarveyB-B
what about a simple alert?


Hi there, thanks for the response. The only problem i am facing is that my table is empty, and shows “No Data. There was no data found for this visual”. So when i setup this alert, it asks me to select a cell, but i can’t as it is empty. Is there a way to alert me when this table has some data in it, and is no longer empty?

Can you insert a row into the table, setup the alert and delete the row?

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Will try, the only thing is that im not sure if these alerts are setup only for integers or percentages? Was trying to select a cell with a string inside, however i couldn’t press “Next”. Will try again and get back to you

I don’t think it works with strings. Integers i select are fine, but i don’t want to be alerted of that cell. I guess that i can’t be alerted for a cell with a string. Is it possible to get it down as a feature request?

The only other thing i can think of is create a flag for if the cell i want to track is empty or not. If it is empty i return 1. And then alert myself on any cases where the flag = 1

I created the flag, however i can only set alerts for a cell with data, not a cell with a heading. I need to basically be notified if any of the cells in this column = 1.

Is it possible to create an alert based on a whole column or data which currently doesn’t exist?

A column that doesn’t exist I would say no.

Can you try to create a calculated field with a field that contains data and use the calculated field for the alert? After creating the alert you can try to change the definition of the field to that one without data. Just an ideam :roll_eyes:

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I guess what i can do is create an alert on a flag for it. So if the data = null, flag 1. then i set my alert so that if flag = 1, then send an alert. then i can go into analyses, add fields and see what one is null.

I’m not sure this will work, as i have no cases where i should be alerted. I don’t think this would work anyway as i need new cases where flagreasons is null. So i need my alerts to be based on future data/cases, instead of pre-existing data. I think this alert system is also mainly used for KPI’s, therefore it isn’t the best when dealing with data which is not static