Is there an API or programmatic way to schedule Quicksight reports?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a project where I need to create an external UI for scheduling Quicksight reports. I know that the option to schedule reports is available within the Quicksight dashboard, but I want to give users the ability to schedule reports without having to go into Quicksight.

Does anyone know if there’s an API or any programmatic way to schedule Quicksight reports? I want to be able to pass parameters through the external UI and have the reports scheduled automatically.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Directly, no way I see.

You can use it an embedded feature of QS and schedule from external application.

Naveed Ali


please explain your usecase further im not sure what you mean by schedule reports?
refreshing data? delivering a snapshot to the inbox?


This may help you.


Thanks @Naveed for sharing this.


Hi @Naveed! I want to deliver on a schedule a snapshot via email. Is there a programmatic way to do that?


What about “snapshot” you means, this term mostly used for the AWS RDS backup etc.
Can you please explain if you are talking about other thins.


Hi Naveed,

I see multiple use-cases, why QS should provide scheduling functionality via API and it is definitively missing (you can see that it is a younger AWS service in comparission to API maturity of other services).

  1. I’m a developer and I want to monitor services (cost, healtiness, whatever, …). As I deploy my service, I’m deploying reports to my manager as well, to keep up transparency
  2. I’m a cost-controller and I have a metadata database for my AWS-Account (I manage more than 300). Unfortunately my receiver list for the Reports constantly changes in the database. So I need to Update my schedules of all paginated reports frequently. I really want that a Lambda function will do this for me!

If you are not a developer you might not see the need that everything you can do via UI should be possible to do via API as well. But belive me, the paginated reports and scheduling has just even started. It’s useful but far away from good. The possibilty of using an API to create schedules on my own, offers me at least to code around drawbacks lacking features of paginated reports still have (e.g. that I cannot set parameters within my paginated reports. So I need to duplicate the whole report tab to parametrize the report - what a heck of work to do for all business units/teams/…).

Anyway I like quicksight, but keep up investing in the API!


@jinman – Adding you to this thread since you +1ed @sbuckpesch’s feedback. Have reached out to PM, who will be posting on this thread. Thx for reaching out – and Sebastian, thanks for originally highlighting this!

Thank you for your feedback @sbuckpesch. You bring some great use cases, and I share the same sentiment as you in that APIs are important and necessary especially for the Paginated Reporting product. With that being said, we are working and investing in APIs. Obviously can’t share more at this time, but wanted to acknowledge and say that we are aligned.


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