Is there an API to backup dashboard and analyses?

I would like to take a backup of all Quicksight dashboards and analyses using APIs.
Is there a way we use the QuickSight APIs. If so, which APIs we can use to create backups?

You cannot export the QuickSight metadata of an analysis/dashboard through APIs.

If an analysis is deleted (from the QuickSight UI ) , you can recover it within 30 days . More details here : delete-analysis — AWS CLI 2.7.27 Command Reference
You can then restore the analysis : restore-analysis — AWS CLI 2.7.27 Command Reference
The dashboard if deleted, you can publish it again from the analysis.

Future : Assets as code once available will help with backup :


Thanks for the pointers.
Not sure what exactly does the “delete-analysis” actually do and when to use it?
I understand the restore-analysis API can be used to restore a deleted analysis as long as its less than 30 days (default).

When do you expect the “Assets as code” to be available?

Normally, one would not use the CLI command delete-analysis. However, that is what is invoked behind the scenes when someone (by mistake) deletes an analysis via the GUI.

Flagging this as a feature-request.