Is there an option to hide visuals based on conditions?

My use case goes like this: I have a dashboard that shows productivity metrics to single users using RLS. Each type of metric is shown in a separate visual (total of 3 separate tables). Some users may only have data for 1, 2, or all tables. For users that have data available for only 1 or 2 tables, I would like to have the option to hide the other 1 or 2 tables if they are blank (no data available). Is this possible now? If yes, what exactly is the workaround? If not, can this be considered as a feature request?

Thank you!

Hi @Maria. You can use a combination of dynamic default parameter (DDP), and using free-form layout to show/hide the chart based on the value in the parameter. There is an example of creating rules in DemoCentral. (Click on the blue analysis button on the left to open the analysis view, go to format visual, and expand the Rules option to see how this works.

That was quick. Thank you so much. I will check DemoCentral then.