Is there any alternate of using multi-value parameter in "contains" filter?

I have a field in my dataset which has comma separated values. I am using multi-value parameter in “contains” filter. But while doing so, I got this error “Multi-value parameter is only compatible with equals/not equals filter”. Is there any alternate available for this?
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I has a suggestion, you can add new calculate the column and replace the comma “,” with “-” or space etc. if you your required allow you.

Naveed Ali

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Hi Naveed,

Thanks for the suggestion. Replacing ‘,’ with ‘-’ would not solve the problem. I have a comma separated field and I want to apply multiselect filter on that field. That filter should return all the rows where even single selected value is present. I am attaching screenshots for reference.

Parameter I am using.

My dataset.


Hi @Raghu ,

You can check the following 2 alternatives :

Use locate and search : Is there any function on QS which I can use to compare if a small text is part of a string? Or something on the lines of the LIKE function?

Use a combination of actions and parameters : How to use values from a list aggregated field in a table to a filter in Quicksight?

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