Is there any possibility to add FC YXU1 for FUD scorecard to check daily FUD misses units?

Hi @kumarhji
we can’t open you dashboard.
You should share screenshots or use Arena to show us your case.

But still looks bit specific to you project.

If you want to calculate FC YXU1 for FUD we need to know what it stands for

FUD is fullfilled unfilled demand customer orders by that we can check if inbound is missing any FUD units on daily basis then we can work together to eliminate the problem.

@kumarhji ,
I would recommend reaching out internally to the team/user who published this dashboard and ask them to extend the logic.

I will be marking this question as “Solved”. You can re-open this question if you are building the analysis and need assistance w.r.t formula on a specific calculation .


hey i tried but still not able to get add my FCYXU1 name list into the quicksight
so can i get the login of specific person so i can connect to him… its regarding FUD which is very important DEA metric for inbound

Hi @kumarhji
even if it is still really specific to your business. Is “YXU1” a locationname you want to add and you can’t find it?

yes i want to add my FC name so we can track our FC daily basis data from the sight and
also not able to find whom should i connect to add FC

You have to check if maybe a filter is applied to locationname and/or the name is available within your dataset / datasource.

i already checked everything and filtered as well but still didn’t see YXU1 name

Hello @kumarhji !

My suggestion here is to follow up on what @Koushik_Muthanna suggested and reach out internally for the user/owner of the dashboard that you are having trouble with.