Is there any way I can perform a YTD calculation based on the date I put in the filter?

I have a table, which shows values for the current year compared to YTD values. I would like to know if there is any way to create a formula, in which, for example, I can show the values in real time but that there is a filter option so that, if I want, I can have the option of obtaining the information until the last day of the month (Note: The YTD field in this case should only show me the values up to the last day of the previous month instead of today).

Hello @pedrohro - I believe this can be done using the PeriodtoDateSum function. Please see the below calculated field and snapshot where I have tried to share my idea. Hope this helps!

{Order Date},
adddatetime(-1, ‘DD’,truncDate(‘MM’, now()))

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