Is there any way to set validations to control value in analysis

I need to restrict the values what we filter from the control.
Eg. User can enter only positive numbers
User can enter values upto 2 decimals only

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  1. Click on the field in field wells, which you want to show upto 2 decimals → Format → More formatting options (image 1)
  2. Decimal places → You can give any Custom value ( image 2 )


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I want to restrict the value which is used to filter at control level.

Eg. For Duration filter,
User can enter only positive numbers only
User can enter values up to 2 decimals only

Hello @Sharmili, if you are building this in QuickSight, there is not an exact way to limit the value in the control to only accept 2 decimal values. Something you can do though to control it a little better would be to make the control a slider rather than a text box. Then you are able to set min and max values and apply a step count like 0.05. That way most users will update the slider and not try to type in a value.

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