Issue for multi-value parameter with Select All option

Hi All,
I have multi-value parameter control and using that parameter within calculated field as below :
(Bold one is parameter - ${Factors})


So whatever factor name we will select from parameter control, We should get Sales for those selected factors. However for select all selection from factor parameter, Its giving else part from above calculations. Expected output is to get sales for all factors.

Can someone please assist on this or provide any suggestions?

Note : We have two measure, One is profit which will be potted by default and there won,t be any impact on it for this factor parameter control. Adjutant bar for Sales which will work and filter data on basis of factor parameter control selection.

Let me know in case any more info required on this.


Hi @vaibhavt ,

I got the same Issue. Solution I found was to reset the dropdown (see picture below).


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