Issue refresh dataset with calculate field using parameters

I am trying to create a calculated field with a parameter in the dataset edit screen, but I got an error that the formula syntax is wrong and the parameter can’t be found when refreshing the dataset.

obs: it works when the dataset is the direct query, but when I change to SPICE I got the error.


A calculated field contains invalid syntax. Correct the syntax and try again.

Error details: Didn't find parameter parameterTest



calculated field

@miguelhentoux Can you click on the parameters section of this dataset?

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@Max yes, I can click on it:

inside of calculated field:

Did you make sure you published the dataset?

Yes, sure.

The last update failed because I added in the calculation field the parameter.
Before the last update, it was successful because I removed the parameter from the calculated field.

Are you creating the parameter on the dataset itself or in the analysis?

I am creating during the dataset creation.

Try creating the parameter once the refresh is done. And inside the analysis.

It works if I create it during the analysis.
It is not the perfect solution for me because I had to change all the analyses that use this dataset.
I was using the data set with direct query but now I need to change to spice and then I got this error.