Issue with excluding all values in multi select control

I want to be able to filter a table with a multi select control where the selected values are excluded from my table. I have created the following simplified example to demonstrate my issue.
I have a multiple string value parameter called pExclusions.


I have a multi select dropdown control with a few values specified for the list.

I have a filter on Salesperson, where I am defining that the filter does not equal the values from my parameter list.


When I don’t select an values in my control, I get all the Salesperson names as expected.


When I check Anne Smith and Gerri Hinds, they exclude from the table as expected.


However, if I want to exclude all the names in my control dropdown list, it doesn’t work. If I choose Select All to check all the names (which is what I want the default to be for this dashboard), then I get the wrong behavior and all data is returned.

I believe I have hit the same issue here and have opened AWS support ticket. There I replicated it with the People’s dataset.

Hi, thanks for the feedback, this is a known issue and we are going to work to fix it.
The reason for the issue is that “select all” is bahaving same as clear filter, therefore in this case, instead of filtering out all the value from the list, it is turning the filter off, which gives you the whole list.

Hey @CoreyLeichty , @emilyzhu
Is this issue resolved ? as I am still facing this issue.

No it is not fixed yet that I know of.

Hi @Ummehaani, the issues has not been resolved yet. We are targeting to work on it sometime this Q4. Thanks for the patience.