Issue with historical information in PeopleMetrics V2 - Active Headcount Details Confidential

Hello - I am trying to pull last year’s data in the above dashboard. When I do, it gives me a “no data” response. Is there a limit to how long data is stored? Any other ways to access this information?

This is a public community forum so we cannot see your Dashboard.

In regards to this, do you have access to the data and can you confirm that it has last years data?

There is no limit to how long data is stored.

You will need to confirm with your team that no other filters are on the visual / dataset that is limiting this and that there is data in the dataset from last year.

Hi Max - thanks for the help! I definitely have access to the data. The person who handed it off to me was able to access the historical data but he has since left the company. Is there a way to find an owner of the dashboard so I can reach out to them?

You can run this in the cli.

If you need the dashboard id you can run this.