January 2024 Amazon QuickSight events

Amazon QuickSight powers data-driven organizations with unified business intelligence (BI) at hyperscale. With QuickSight, all users can meet varying analytic needs from the same source of truth through modern interactive dashboards, paginated reports, embedded analytics, and natural language queries. With Amazon Q in QuickSight, business analysts and business users can use natural language to build, discover, and share meaningful insights in seconds, turning insights into impact faster.

Our events connect people to our team members and other QuickSight users to learn how to get the most from QuickSight. We host both in-person and virtual events across the globe to bring direct learning resources to our customers. Explore our recurring QuickSight Learning Series, PartnerCast, and Immersion Day events, sign up for ones that fit your interests, and share this post with others!

Recurring weekly online events

Recurring monthly online events

  • Introduction to QuickSight | First and second Thursdays (AMER) | Starts January 18
  • Latest Features PartnerCast | First Fridays (AMER/EMEA)
  • Author Immersion Days | Second Wednesdays (AMER) and last Wednesdays (APAC/EMEA)
  • Rotating Immersion Days | Third Wednesdays (AMER)

To sign up, check the events page on the QuickSight Community.

January 2024 events

Amazon QuickSight Learning Series

  • Updated SDK and embedded runtime theming | January 9 and January 11 (AMER/APAC/EMEA)
  • End-to-end use of GenBI in Amazon QuickSight | January 16 and January 18 (AMER/APAC/EMEA)
  • Amazon EventBridge integration in QuickSight | January 23 and January 25 (AMER/APAC/EMEA)
  • Support of Google BigQuery in Amazon QuickSight | January 30 (AMER)

Amazon QuickSight Latest Features Deep Dive, by PartnerCast

  • Amazon Starburst data source and Amazon SageMaker Canvas integration | Webinar (AMER/EMEA)

December 2023 QuickSight events

  • “Art of the possible”: GenBI – Executive Summary and Data Stories – 2023 Amazon QuickSight Learning series | Webinar

  • AWS re:Invent Recap – 2023 Amazon QuickSight Learning series | Watch on-demand


  • DACH Amazon QuickSight user group | Germany | Hosted by AWS Partner Woodmark Consulting | Join this user group on LinkedIn
  • What’s new: Generative Q&A with Amazon Q in QuickSight – 2023 Amazon QuickSight Learning series | Watch on-demand
  • QuickSight Community feature launch: QuickSight Arena – 2023 Amazon QuickSight Learning series | Watch on-demand

Stay up to date

Events are subject to change and cancellation. Check the events page on the QuickSight Community for the most up-to-date calendar. The QuickSight Community is the official one-stop-shop where BI enthusiasts from around the globe can access over 300 learning resources, explore QuickSight for free with QuickSight Arena, get updated on feature launches, and ask and answer questions with other QuickSight users. Bookmark the calendar view and subscribe by choosing the bell icon to be notified when new events get posted.

About the Author

Madi Hsieh is a Program Manager with Amazon QuickSight at AWS. As a recent graduate from UCLA and previous intern for the QuickSight Customer Success team, Madi is excited to step into this full-time role. She works with evangelizing the QuickSight Community and the enablement of learning resources available to Amazon QuickSight customers.

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