JMESPath Queries and How to Use

Objects that allow the JMESPath query – would love to have more examples of how to structure the JMESPath as when I’m searching for it I’m not always clear on how to structure that so we can limit our list-data-sets (or other list commands) when we’re trying to search

You want to get limited set of datasets from search API results ?

Yes, so a template for how to user the JMESPath would be helpful because someteimes we just want to list-data-sets WHERE dataset name is LIKE Wildcard Value Wildcard rather than iterate through all of the datasets (or other similar objects) that exist in our account

So we know it’d be like

aws quicksight list-data-sets --normalstuff-- --query dataset name like …
We just would like a better template for the --query attribute

You can perform search of specific dataset using search-data-sets API : search-data-sets — AWS CLI 1.27.76 Command Reference

and similar APIs available for Analysis, Dashboard, Datasource, folder & groups