Join misses some matches

I have table A with tickets that includes store numbers. Table B is a master store file with all store numbers along with Region. All stores are in the Table B master so Table A should find a match there.

Attempting a Left Join to add Region to Table A (linked on Store Number), the Left Join matches approximately half the stores and misses the rest. Data formats are the same.

Why would the join catch some while missing others?

Only a few things would cause this.

  1. The join is working but Region in Table B is blank, how are you checking if it misses?
  2. There are leading or trailing spaces in one of the join fields.

Are the same stores always missed? I would check those records first.

I did some more checking and the joins actually work. The preview of the join had many blanks but when I ran some tests, I was able to determine everything matched.

I’m new to Quicksite…

Hi @dturner,

It seems like you stumbled on the same bug I mentioned here:
Dataset used in another dataset - Keys not recognized
As you mention, the issue is with the preview, and also it happens only when the data is in SPICE, not with Direct Query.
The other bug I found is that incremental refresh is not working, but no idea if the QS team is working on any of them.

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I am also seeing this issue with Spice. Direct query works or manual refresh works fine, but with incremental refresh some rows are missing. Could someone please help out with this?