Joining Dataset on City Name

I’m trying to prove out some territory analysis using an excel file as a data source. I’m joining it to an existing dataset in QuickSight. In data prep, I’ve copied my OFFICE_CITY fields into calculated fields (to use in the analysis as geo fields) and am joining my data sets on ORIG_OFFICE_CITY, saved as string values.

I am still getting the error message that Geographical fields aren’t supported in joins between data sources.

Any ideas how to get around this?

Hi Kellie_Sebastian,

Can you test out the following workaround?

  1. Change the geo-spatial fields datatype to string

  2. Join your datasets

  3. Go back to the dataset page, click on the menu option (three dots) on the dataset and select “Use in a new dataset” option


  4. This will create a new child dataset for the main dataset

  5. Here you can change the datatype back to geo-spatial and save it

Please note that the option “Use in a new dataset” is disabled if your dataset have RLS or if it exceeds 3 levels of JOIN.

If the workaround shared previously does not work for you then just wanted to let you know that this is a known limitation and we are working on it.

Thank you for your patience!

Hello, I did the steps above. I now have two string fields I am joining together but am getting the same error message around joining on geo fields not being supported.

For now I guess I’ll try to do this in Athena. I excluded every field from my new dataset (all geo fields) so I just have my string field and it’s still throwing that error. So I’m not sure what field it believes is a GEO field.

Update - I got this to work by excluding all other Geo Fields in the dataset and changing the 3 I needed to strings (that had been previously done). When that saved, in a new dataset I was able to convert them back to the geo fields.

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