Joining more than 2 data sources

I created a data sources and uploaded a csv file (ds a).
Than I have uploaded another csv file (ds b) and inner join the two.
Later on I have uploaded a third csv file (ds c) and I need to join it the second csv file - ds b. I only have an option to join it the first file - how can I join it to the second csv file.

Hey @tzachi ,
do you mean like this?

It works with drag and drop. Mouseover at the top of ds c and move it to the right of ds b, that should work.


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Thanks, It works! @robert.eibers
Is there a way join one ds to two different data sources at the same time with drag and drop?

@tzachi do you mean like a starschema? Thats not possible yet. But you can join two different data sources with each other. Joining data - Amazon QuickSight

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