Joining two datasets fails

Hi guys. I am facing a strange issue during joining two datasets. I am trying to join two datasets which originate from an excel sheet. I originally wanted to do a left join (tried all joins) but data is just not appearing. The key field I am using is 100% correct in both my sheets (even did a v-lookup in excel just for my sanity). What am I missing?
I am trying to join 2020_2023_flight data set to the Daily Metrics Daily Shares Sheet using the Key_field_trend from both sheets. When doing an inner join it picks up nothing - which makes no sense as I have the corresponding data.

The preview mode only displays a subset of data. Save and publish and check again in the analysis.

Others things you can further validate :
1/ If the join keys exists in both, possibly check there are no whitespaces in one of the columns.
2/ You can even create 2 separate datasets. Bring both datasets into the analysis . Create a visual from each dataset and bring the join key column ( use table format ) , add a filter based on the join key (filter settings : all applicable visuals ) and check if they are visible in the analysis.

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