Joining two SPICE datasets not allowed

Hello all!

I have two datasets I am trying to join on common fields/values.

One is a dataset from a SQL table. The other is a local csv upload. I am trying to left join on a few different fields.

I get an error Can't create join. Joining tables from different sources requires SPICE, which this dataset isn't permitted to use. To continue, you'll need to remove the join.. However, both datasources say SPICE is enabled under the ‘View Details’ → ‘Settings for child datasets’ from the Data Prep page AND on the datasource page itself it has SPICE enabled.

I feel like I am going crazy trying to join these too and I am hoping that it is a simple user error. Any help is appreciated!


What is the workflow you are doing?

Have you created both datasets already?

@jcmurr - Can you make both data sets in SPICE first and then do the joining. If your data sources are different ( let’s say one is excel and another is relational or spice based), you can not do the joining operation. First do the spice for both data sets and then create a data set using this data sets. Please test it and it will be good if you can share some screenshot ( ensure not to share any PII or PCI information).

Regards - San

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Hi @jcmurr Did this solution work for you? I am marking this reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. I am including the QuickSight/SPICE documentation page here as well that also describes how to join datasets when using SPICE. Please refer to this page: Joining data - Amazon QuickSight and see section titled “Creating a join”. Essentially, you will need to choose SPICE when creating the datasets to store them in SPICE first and then you will be able to join.

Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!