June 7 | Powered by AWS Gen AI, Gen BI, and Amazon Q | Herndon, VA

This boot camp will enable participants to build predictive dashboards using no-code ML and generative BI applications that will help unlock the value of data to drive timely insights and innovation. With a use case of identifying customers at risk of defaulting on consumer loans, this session will teach participants how to automate the process of data collection, data preparation, and model creation, and how to derive model insights. Business analysts with no prior ML knowledge or programming experience will walk away able to easily build machine learning pipelines to solve immediate business challenges.

Get ready to gain hands-on experience with a variety of our AWS Analytics and AIML services, including Amazon Glue, Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Quicksight; and to be inspired by our AWS executives, Customers and Partners, who will offer invaluable knowledge and real-world insights.

Note: Attendees must bring their own laptops to participate in the hands-on workshops.

• (1st Lab) No code low code data preparation and feature engineering.
• (2nd Lab) No code machine learning modeling and deployment.
• (3rd Lab) Generative BI and natural language query.

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