Keyboard Shortcuts - Are there others? Maybe some secret ones?

The current documentation lists these:

  • Use the TAB key to navigate among menu options or visuals.
  • Use the Shift+TAB keys to move backward to the previous selection.
  • Use the Enter key to select a visual or menu option.
  • Use the ESC key to clear the selection from a visual or menu item.

I think it’d be great to make use of more of the keys available on many standard layouts. If there is an open suggestion related to this, I wouldn’t mind providing feedback

Hello @0xf !

You are correct that those are currently the only keyboard shortcuts, but I can mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team. Where there any use cases that come to mind?

I also recommend keeping your eye on or turning on notifications for the What’s New/Blog section of the community. That way you don’t miss any helpful updates for Quicksight.

Thanks @duncan , I’m now watching that section.

Being able to select or bring specific elements into focus by a specific shortcut would be useful. ( like ctrl + Q to put cursor into top Q bar , a search keybind to look for strings contained in the field list and calculated field code )

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Hey @0xf , go it thank you!