Know which analysis is actually using a specific field

I have changed the datatype in a date field, and i need to know wich analysys is actually usinf that field to update the related caclulatedfields, is there a way to know wich analysis is using that field? I have the admin dashboard but it only shows all the datasets/analysis that have the field, but no the ones that are using it.


you can do this in analysis mode not in dashboard.

Naveed Ali

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There isn’t a way to see where the field is currently being used from the dataset. I’ll mark this as a feature request for our team though, as Naveed said you can see what is being used in the analysis. Thank you


Yes this is a major functionality that is basic in Microstrategy and Tableau. It would be great if QS had this functionality as well. It helps reduce effort to maintain the portfolio of dashboards.