KPI with a out of b format

The KPI visual is limited to showing one KPI, either the percentage or actual value. When dealing with error counts, we want to visualize it in a out of b format, where your a is the error count and b is the total count:
8 errors out 50 tests

Is there a way to have a visual like this? I tried it on narrative but the only option is “Unique values” so 2 errors will only be counted as 1.


Hello @Mark_Anthony_Ching, I was also thinking that building this within an insight would probably be the best option. Maybe you could create a calculated field like a sumOver to get the number of tests related to the specific group you want to see and the same for the errors. Place those in the field well for the Insight. Then you might be able to build a narrative showing the values you are expecting.

Hello @Mark_Anthony_Ching, I wanted to follow up about the issue you are facing in QuickSight. Did my response help you resolve the problem or do you still need assistance with this? Feel free to mark my answer as a solution if it helped, but if there isn’t a response in a few days I can unlist this topic for now and you can post a fresh one with current information!

Hello @Mark_Anthony_Ching, I will unlist this topic. Feel free to post a new question if you need any more assistance!