LAA aggregation and Filters

Hi Team,

I am struggling with LAA aggregation and Filters.

Could you please some one assist me on below.

I have a calculated field which is named as “D-Selected for Audit”. Below is the formula which I have applied.

distinct_countIf({filenumber},{D -Current Queue}<>“yet to allocate” AND {D -Current Queue}<>" Not Selected for Audit" ).

For calculated fields not able to apply the pre_filter. Do we have any alternative option to get this fixed. Please assist. Thank you!

The issue isn’t with PRE_FILTER. I believe you can’t use distinct_countIf inside of sumOver. Can you try to change your distinct_countIf to distinctCountOver?

distinctCountOver(ifelse({insert conditions here}, {filenumber}, null), , PRE_FILTER)

Without seeing your data, I can’t tell what the correct partition is for your distinctCountOver, so you may have to adjust it. You may also have to change the PRE_FILTER to PRE_AGG.

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Hi @David_Wong , Thank you for your prompt response.

we have changed the distinct_countIf to distinctCountOver and while adding the calculated filed to the field wells we are getting the below error message. Could you please have a look in to the below and assist. Thank you!

Hi @tdr_Dinesh,

Can you try distinctCountOver(ifelse({insert conditions here}, {filenumber}, null), , PRE_FILTER) by itself without wrapping it in the sumOver? I’m not sure I understand why you were trying to do a distinct count inside a sum to begin with, so let’s just try the distinctCountOver for now and see if it gives you the correct result.

Thank you @David_Wong