LAC agg function is not supported

I created a calculation field with aggregate using LAC. This is working fine

ATD_ATA: dateDiff({date_departure},{date_arrival},“DD” )

ATD_ATA_Avg: avg( max({ATD_ATA}, [{OrderID}]))

How ever when I’m trying to get MoM/WoW I’m getting this error.

The Operation related to Level Aware Calculation (LAC) agg function is not supported


Is periodOverPeriod not available in LAC ? is there any alternative to get MoM ? How can I resolve this ?

Any suggestions on how to achieve this in QuickSight appreciated.

Can you try doing an avgOver instead of an LAC.


Hi Max,

I’m getting this error.

You will need to reference Order ID in your visual

Hello @Max

I have same problem. I made the calculated field and I referenced the id in my visual, but I recieved the error “VISUAL_CALC_REFERENCE_MISSING”

How to fix it?
Thank you