Last logged in timestamp

Is there anyway I can see the last logged in timestamp for users who are not in the default namespace? For users in default namespace, we can see them through the “manage Quicksight” → “Manage Users”. But for users with in custom namespaces, you need to write cli command (list-users) to get the list of all the users in a given namespace. But the output does not contain the last logged in info. Even describe-user also does not give me that info.
Is there a way to get the last logged in info of all the users with in a custom namespace ?

Hi @AbhiV,

I ran into this limitation of the API myself and submitted a feature request:

For now, the best you can get is the timestamp when the user last viewed a dashboard. You’ll have to use CloudTrail logs for that.


Thanks for the update Dave. When we realized that AWS is not providing this info, we started logging this by ourselves. We’ve implemented a user log table where we record the last logged-in timestamp along with additional details. However, having this functionality built-in would be even more beneficial. I’ll be sure to submit it as a feature request.