Learning Resources Guide -- QuickSight Beginner to Advanced Levels

Whether you are brand new to Amazon QuickSight and looking to onboard, or you are already using QuickSight and looking to level up your skill and enhance the dashboard experience, this guide will provide a variety of relevant and available resources.

Getting Started with QuickSight Checklist

[] Completed either a hands-on or guided video workshop for my role 
[] Checked out DemoCentral or Developer Portal for different use cases and new features 
[] Created a user account for the Community - needed to post questions or answers
[] Checked out the 4 sections within the Community and subscribed to relevant pages: 
     [] Question and Answer
     [] Learning Center
     [] Announcements
     [] Events - Sign up for relevant events and classes
[] Bookmarked the following:
     [] Documentation
     [] Release Notes 
     [] DemoCentral
     [] Developer Portal for Embedded Analytics
     [] Community

Learning Resources
QuickSight offers a multitude of learning resources depending on your preferred style of learning:

  1. Getting Started with Amazon QuickSight free digital training course (1 hour)

  2. Hands-on Self-learning and Role-based workshops covering Author, Admin, Embedding (User-based and Anonymous), and Q

  3. Guided Video Workshops and Webinars:
    100 level:
    o Author: Build your first QuickSight dashboard
    o Anomaly Detection & Forecasting
    o Author: Introduction to QuickSight - Building Dashboards
    o Author: Intro to Q and Designing Topics for NLQ
    200 level:
    o Author: Building Advanced Analytics and Dashboards with QuickSight
    o Author: Advanced QuickSight Topics - Data Sets and Data Security
    o Author: Advanced QuickSight Topics - Calculations and ML Insights
    o Admin: Working with Amazon QuickSight APIs
    300 level:
    o Advanced Author: Calculations and filtering in QuickSight
    o Admin: Building an Admin Console in QuickSight to analyze Usage Metrics
    o Developer: User Based Embedding with QuickSight
    o Developer: Anonymous Embedding with QuickSight
    o Developer: Session Embedding with QuickSight

  4. QuickSight YouTube Channel (Subscribe to the channel!) - The above videos are just a selection of the available topics on the channel. Other topics include:
    o What’s new in Amazon QuickSight - individual feature demo videos
    o Ask the Experts: Review of specific features
    o How to’s
    o Customer Stories

  5. Instructor Led Training Course on Authoring Visual Analytics Using Amazon QuickSight
    (2-day deep dive, advanced-level)

Demos & Developer Portals

  • DemoCentral - Example dashboards by use case, new features, and Q. This gets updated regularly as new features roll out and is a good place to re-visit to test them out
  • Developer Portal - Explore different embedding experiences, sample code snippets, and how-to guides

Other Resources

It’s All in the QuickSight Community Learning Center!
All of the handy articles and videos above can be found in the Learning Center of the Community. It’s a one-stop-shop that brings together all your learning resources!

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