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I have above sample data , AttemptId is a concatenation of customer ID ,CreaditCardId , Year and Month. i want to count AttemptId as perfectly test3 shows, sometimes there are duplication in AttemptId which I want to capture them, which mostly is because of month. test 3 is "
toString(concat(toString(countOver({Attempt ID},[{Attempt ID}])),‘th Attampt’))
, which I cannot use it for graph visualization , i created test 4
distinctCountOver({Attempt ID}, [{customerId-Customer},creditCardId,YearExtracted,MonthExtracted], PRE_AGG)
and after selected min for aggregation , I have tried other aggreation as well, none of them worked and the result is not matching with test3, i also tried
countOver({Attempt ID}, [{{Attempt ID}}], PRE_AGG)

if you need a sample data you can use : below copy and past in excel

customerId creditcardId Year Month resultcode
2 101 2022 1 1
2 101 2022 2 1
2 102 2022 3 1
2 102 2022 3 1
2 102 2022 3 1
2 102 2022 3 0
2 102 2022 4 1
2 102 2022 5 1
2 102 2022 6 0
i want test3 using LWA:

Hi @MaryamNajimigoshtasb
based on you small sample set. what would be your expected outcome for test3?

Hi , Thank you for the prompt reply, please see below :

I need to use the test3 in axis of a barchart, test3 should be based on column B to E , ignore F please

so like that?

Thank you. The Attempt Id should have month and
If you put 3 for last 3rows for the month, then last 3 result

become 4

No , unfortunately, it is not meets the criteria, please see above

But the attemptID includes the month.

Is the resultcode important somehow?

My bad , yes includes , the scenario is how many times a customer by using a unique credit card in a year in a months try to pay for subscription ,
Your Attempt Id is correct, but the Attempt(s) is not , 4 should be 1,
If you have multiple try in a month like in month 3 , 4 times try

At the end, i use the result code to filter this field

Do you need more clarification from my side? I really need this :weary:

HI @MaryamNajimigoshtasb
as the 3 rows for month 3 as seen as 1 row you see only 1 row without showing resultcode (right table)
if you bring the resultcode into the table (left) you will get a second row.


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Hi , I appreciate your time, in your table, I want to see 2 instead of 4, which indicates in March(3) the transaction of this customer was successful, in fact counts as the duplication of attempt ID

I modified the dashboard here


If you haven’t gone through these topics. Please ref. them; (they always end up helping me finding solution)

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