Limit access and permissions for authors

Currently, only our core BI team has an author license in Quicksight and so can create analyses and publish these analyses as a dashboard.
In the future we want to have analysts/ authors/ key users in every department of our company. As this step will increase the number of authors many times, with the fact that many of these new authors are not so experienced in working with data and building dashboards. That is why we want to have something like a quality gate for new dashboards which were not built up by our team.
Is there any possibility to not allow authors of certain user groups to publish dashboards? In our case it would be enough if these users could build an analysis for themself.

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Please look into custom permissions in QuickSight : Customizing access to the Amazon QuickSight console - Amazon QuickSight

Note : Custom permissions has to be applied for each user .

The published dashboards are only available for them in their QuickSight account and with custom permissions you can restrict them sharing those dashboards . The authors with only access to dataset can build an analysis for themselves.


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