Limit access to original CID dashboard


I have analysed our cost intelligence dashboard and using row-level security to limit access to the dataset. I have published the analysed dashboard. I want to grant some users only access to the analysed dashboard, not the original dashboard on which the analyses are based. How to I implement this?
Presently once a user is granted access to the whole data set with row-level security, they appear to be able to see the original dashboard.

I will like to have them only have access to the analysed and published version.

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If I understand correctly, you had a CID dashboard (say dashboard1), then you used Save As to create an analysis and then you published again as a new dashboard (dashboard2). You are seeing that users have access to dashboard1 (and you want them to only access dashboard2), right? Well it seems like you need to make sure all permissions from dashboard1 are revoked:

  • open dashboard1
  • click on Share Icon > Share Dashboard
  • Remove any permissions you don’t need

Thank you. That worked

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