Limit of columns in tables

Some time ago I had done downloads without problems in csv format with a limit of 1 million rows, but today I tried to do it again and I see that the limit changed to 40,000 rows, I want to know if it is the new data cap.

try reducing the number of columns that you export and see if that changes the limit to something higher than 40k

It worked, but before I had no problem with the number of columns, there has been some update on this, how many maximum columns can I put so that the limit is not left at 40k?

My limited understanding is that QS does not have a hard limit on the number of columns or number of rows. It’s more about how much data is involved ie, the overall size of the data to be download. If you increase the number of columns, then the number of rows that can be successfully exported drops, and vice versa.

Hi @Santiago,

@cgreenacre is partially correct.

For table charts, Amazon QuickSight supports exporting up to 1 million rows or 500 MB of data, whichever limit is reached first.

Here is some additional information on exporting data from visuals in QuickSight.