Limit the number of color marks

I want to mark the bus route in different colors on the map.
Through this, I would like to express up to 100 routes.
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It seems that manually selecting colors for each route will solve the requirements.

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(It’s just a picture to help understand.)
However, the actual number of routes is too large.
(We don’t know which 100 of the numerous routes will be selected, so more than 100 route colors must be determined)
And if a new route is created, the color of the route must be mapped again.

If the color is not specified, the color appears to be repeatedly displayed with colors present in the Themes > data > data color.

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However, in this case, it seems that only 20 colors can be specified.
If I don’t specify a color, I’m asking that there are about 20 color limits in QuickSight.
It would be helpful to know if it’s true or not.
(I’ve looked up several documents about it, but I couldn’t find any documents about color limitations. If there’s anything I’m missing out on, I’d appreciate it if you could tell me)
Thank you for your help.

I believe that you are correct about 20. I was able to verify the same experience that you are having when I go into a custom theme. I believe that you can manually add more colors within the visual by selecting each data point and changing it’s color but as you point out that will not meet your requirements and isn’t a good solution.

If this isn’t a current option it would be great to see this marked as a product enhancement by the Quicksight team. I am sure others would like to set >20 colors in a theme.


Thanks so much @todd.hoffman ! Your kind reply was very helpful.
It’s unfortunate that it’s not possible at the moment, but just finding out about this has helped a lot :slight_smile:

In addition, I tagged ‘feature request’ according to your advice.
Have a nice day! :grinning:

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We are also facing similar kind of issue where we require 50+ colours in a Custom Palette. Unfortunately we couldn’t proceed at the moment, Could you please help us when this feature will be unlocked to use ?