Line Chart Auto Filtering

I am using a line chart and am calculating metrics at a weekly level. I am running into 2 problems: 1) When I try to chart the dimensions (approx 40K/week) over time and filter down to Top 100 (per week) the chart is auto filtering down to top 63 by time period and bottom 50 by dimension weekly.
2) I have weekly rankings and when i try to put them in a tool tip they end up summing over the entire period.
Any suggestions to fix the auto filtering and ranking summary?

Here are the limitations for line charts.

For rankings, do you want to take the average of the rankings instead of sum?

Hi @rp2 ,

Could you please share more details on your visualization and examples (Screenshots) of what you are trying to achieve. It would help us recommend the appropriate steps/workarounds.

Also, please refer to the below link on how to adjust the number of categories by axis in the line chart.


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