Line chart is not plotted correctly

I am trying to make a line chart, in which each group has its own color and line.
however, with QuickSight most of the data points are not connected to perform a continuous line.
I don’t understand why.
this is what i get:

this is what I need to see:

From what I can see from the image, there are a lot of missing data points in you charts. At present we don’t join the missing data points. However, this is in our roadmap for this year, after which the user will have the option to display the line as continuous or broken

Is there also an enhancement that will show the datapoints that were exactly plotted from the dataset? That way I can tell the difference between what actually exists and what is referred by joining the plots together? I have a requirement to actually see the plotted points.

If you are looking for having markers displayed for points that are in the dataset as part of this, that is also a feature that we have on our roadmap. That’s part of the plan that @Bchadha was referring to in his previous response.

by when this enhancement will be released?