Line Graph Y-Axis Title

Good afternoon,
I created a line graph which shows Sales, Cost, and GP.
I noticed the following:
1- When there is a single measure added to the graph, I can see the title for the Y-axis.
2- When there are 2 or more measures added to the graph (3 measures in this case), the title for the Y-axis disappears.

Is it possible to include a y-axis title in this case, or is it only possible when there is 1 measure?
Thank you,

Hi @desmat ,

This is intentional behavior. When you have a single measure, then the y-title is the name of the measure. This is Total Sales in my chart:

But when you add another measure, then the y-title would have to be the name of both measure, which is redundant with the legend:

Another way to look at this is adding a color to a single measure. This shows both the legend AND the title, because it makes sense in this context:

Also note that a potential work-around is to give the whole visualization a title that describes the multiple measure, as I’ve done with the ‘Sales and Profit by Month’, or in your case ‘GP, Cost and Sales’.

Hope that helps.


Good morning,
Thank you so much for the detailed answer. It’s great to know that there are alternatives to the y-axis title. I will explore these options.

Have a great day