Link navigation error when third-party cookies blocked

Case 1: third-party cookies blocked (default); click “next dashboard” → error.

Case 2: third-party cookies allowed; click “next dashboard” → show next dashboard.


This is analysis:

This is my code:

// controller.php
    public function indexDashboard(Request $request) {
        $dashboardId = 'xxxxxxx-xxxx....';
        $quicksightUserArn = $request->session()->get('quicksight_user_arn');
        $quicksightClient = AWS::createClient('quicksight');
        $result = $quicksightClient->generateEmbedUrlForRegisteredUser([
            'AllowedDomains' => [config('app.url')],
            'AwsAccountId' => config('app.aws_account_id'),
            'ExperienceConfiguration' => [
                'Dashboard' => [
                    'InitialDashboardId' => $dashboardId,
            'UserArn' => $quicksightUserArn,
        $embedUrl = $result['EmbedUrl'];
        return view('dashboard', ['embedUrl' => $embedUrl]);
/* dashboard.blade.php */
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html> <head> <title>{{ config('', 'Laravel') }}</title>
        <script src="{{ asset('/assets/js/unpkg.com_amazon-quicksight-embedding-sdk@2.3.0_dist_quicksight-embedding-js-sdk.min.js') }}"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            const embedDashboard = async() => {
                const { createEmbeddingContext} = QuickSightEmbedding;
                const embeddingContext = await createEmbeddingContext();
                const frameOptions = {
                    url: '<?php echo $embedUrl ?>',
                    container: '#experience-container',
                    resizeHeightOnSizeChangedEvent: false,
                const contentOptions = {
                    toolbarOptions: { export: false,  undoRedo: true, reset: true},
                    attributionOptions: {overlayContent: false,}
                const embeddedDashboardExperience = await embeddingContext.embedDashboard(frameOptions, contentOptions);
    <body onload="embedDashboard()"> <div id="experience-container"></div> </body>

Could you help me fix case 1? Please.
Third-party cookies are blocked by default.

@tungxen ,

I think this is the default behavior.
Include which browser you are testing this currently on . Additionally do you still have the same issue when testing with another browser ? .

I would suggest to open a support case so that we can help you further: Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support . If your company has an internal IT team, you might not have direct access to AWS Support and will need to raise an internal ticket to your IT team. They’ll open an AWS Support case on your behalf.

Kind regards,

Hello @tungxen, do you have any follow-up information related to the questions @Koushik_Muthanna asked about the issue you are facing? Or were you able to receive help from AWS Support to resolve this? Please let me know if you still need assistance with this and we can try to help you reach your desired output. If we do not hear back from you in 3 days, I will archive this topic. Thank you!

Hello @tungxen, since we have not heard back from you with more information on this issue, I will archive the topic. If you need continued support on this issue after working with AWS Support, please post a new topic in the community and link to this question to provide relevant information. That will ensure you are at the top of the priority list for a response from one of our QuickSight experts. Thank you!