Linking a Q topic to analysis

Hi All,

Can I link a QuickSight topic directly to an analysis, similar to how we link topics to dashboards?

Hello Phalguni,

what exactly do you meant by link ? btw QS document states ways of creating topics as below

There are two ways to create a topic:

Create the topic by selecting a dataset. When you create topics in Amazon QuickSight, you can add multiple datasets to them and also enable the topics in analyses.

Create the topic using an analysis. When you create a topic in an analysis, or link an existing topic to an analysis, automated data prep for Q learns from how you analyze your data and automatically applies this to your Q topic

for more info please visit -Creating Amazon QuickSight Q topics - Amazon QuickSight

Hope this helps.



Hi @Deep ,

By linking, i meant adding already created topic to the relevant analysis.
Topic was already added to one of the analysis so thats why wasn’t able see the option to add it again. Got it now.

Thank you!