Linking data base to ETL querry

Hi Team,

Can you please guide me on how to link data from ETL to Quicksight dashboard.


Hi @nandu

Kindly elaborate on what is the use case you are trying to address.
QuickSight provide direct access to the supported data sources which could be possible destination of ETL Tool.

There is no concept of direct integration with ETL tool for a data visualisation service.


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Hi Sir,

Here we have 1 ETL query and it will run on weekly basis and the result of that should be added in quicksight with defined visual representation.
For example:- ETL query to generate weekly audit info, error details etc and same should get stored in S3 so that we can use them as a base data for our visualization in Quicksight.


You can reference s3 from quicksight. Or you can use Athena.