List of Analysis/Dashboard with full information especially dataset

today i use api call describe-analysis/dashboard to get all information by i missed very important information like - data-sets that connected to dashboard/ analysis - so i do want to tag dashboard manually

  • solutions i looking for :
    dashboard/analysis_name : [all data-set ]
    data-set -[all dashboard/analysis ]
    that are connecting right now

Hi Selam

While calling API in your script you can loop through DatasetArns to list all Dataset present in Analysis or Dashboard.

response = sourceQuickSight.describe_analysis(AwsAccountId = sourceAccountId, AnalysisId= ‘Provide your Analysis ID’)

for dataset in response[‘Analysis’][‘DataSetArns’]:
DArn= dataset
print(DArn) # printing dataset ARN
datasetid = DArn.split(‘:’)[5].split(‘/’)[1] # Get dataset ID from ARN
print(datasetid ) # print Dataset ID

Hope this information helps in your solution.


Thanks it’s works for me!!