List of AWS Spice datasets and it's size

In Redshift, we can use below query to get list of tables and it’s size

select table, size from svv_table_info where “database” = ‘dev’ and “schema” = ‘public’

Do we have anything similar in quicksight?

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please follow the steps.


No, I think you did not understand my question. I need individual dataset size

You could use a step function to ListDataSets then use a map to DescribeDataSet for each dataset.

One of the response fields is ConsumedSpiceCapacityInBytes.

There’s a blog entry that describes how one could use the API called by Lambda to create S3 files that are then used as a datasource for QS to monitor the size of QS spice datasets. Centrally tracking dashboard lineage, permissions, and more with Amazon QuickSight administrative dashboards | AWS Big Data Blog.
We have some that are approaching the current limits of QS.